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Enable RabbitMQ on all Servers


Port 5671 must be open in the Windows Firewall. When the Management Server is initially selected during the installation, a check will be made that these ports are available. If they are not available, it may mean that RabbitMQ is already installed on the machine. In this case, a warning message will be displayed and the existing RabbitMQ installation should be removed or changed to another port.


In a standard installation where all Prognosis Servers can freely communicate with each other, the following procedure should be followed to enable communication over RabbitMQ for various product features that utilize this service.

The PrognosisRabbitMQ Service is enabled by default during installation.

This procedure must be performed using the Web Application - Administration tool.

Logon on to the Web Application - Administration tool and select the top-level Management Server from the Server list.

In the Configuration section, edit the MESSAGING Configuration

Enable the use of RabbitMQ to transmit Alerts (and all other features that use RabbitMQ), this is done by changing the following statement from 'No' (N) to 'Yes' (Y).




This Configuration must be started on the Management Server and all the Monitoring Servers in the RabbitMQ Nodegroup. Failure to start this across all relevant servers will cause the RabbitMQ Alerting to fail.

Click the 'Start On RabbitMQ Nodegroup' button

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