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Configure MTS Application Events Monitoring

Not applicable for MTS Pulse Monitor

A configuration tool is supplied with the Prognosis Management server installation that allows customizing of the default alerting that is provided. The tool allows selection of required alerts from the range of available MTS application events.

These alerts match those previously distributed with Enguard. To import the Enguard Libary follow these steps:

On the Prognosis Management server go to the following folder path and start the configuration tool by double clicking on the MTSAlertsChooser.exe file.


A list of alert groups will be shown in the left hand panel. Select one or more of the groups.

In the Server field, enter the MTS server name where the Prognosis Monitoring server is running.

Click on the Generate and Load button and wait for completion. When complete the Status window will show the message 'Prognosis loaded with alerts'.

A new Threshold based on the imported Enguard Library will now be started and will be visible under the 'Thresholds' folder in the Node Navigator window of the Prognosis Windows Client.

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