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Adding CUC Clusters to the Monitoring Server

To set up monitoring of the Cisco Unity Connection (CUC), the Cluster and its servers need to be configured on the Monitoring Server. This can only be done in 'Offline' mode which means that the Cluster with its Publisher needs to be added first and then all Subscribers are added separately.

Open the Unified Communications and Collaboration Central Display and then select the Configuration link at the top of the screen. This will open the Unified Communications and Collaboration - Configuration Display.

In the Cisco panel at the top right of the screen click on the CUC >> link (i.e the arrow link).

This will open the UCC - Configure Cisco Unity Connections Display.

In the 'Select a Node to Configure' window, ensure that the Monitoring Server that is being configured is highlighted. If not, click on the required Server name.

Clusters and Subscribers can now be added to the Monitoring Server through the 'Add a Cluster to Monitor' window. This window provides the following two options:

Add an Offline Cluster - for details see Adding a CUC Offline Cluster.

Add an Offline Subscriber - for details see Adding a CUC Offline Subscriber.

If required, repeat the processes in Step 4 to add all necessary clusters and subscribers.

When the dialog box for each Cluster and/or Subscriber has been completed, select the Continue button. This will open a confirmation box, click the Yes button to continue.

After adding one or more Clusters/Subscribers using the above options, the actions will be batched for processing. The 'Process Pending Changes' window is now used to finalize the cluster processing.

This window includes the following links:

Selecting this link will provide a view of any pending changes that are awaiting processing.

This link is selected to apply all of the batched changes.

This will remove all pending changes, anything that has already been submitted will have to be removed using 'Remove Cluster' or 'Remove Subscriber' functions.

Select the Submit link to continue with the batch processing.

Once the pending changes have been 'Submitted' and processed successfully a confirmation message will be displayed and the Cluster name will be shown in the 'Cluster Maintenance' window of the Configure Cisco Unity Connection Monitoring Display. This window also provides two command links for each listed Cluster that can be used to Remove the Cluster or Remove a Subscriber. For details see Cluster Maintenance for Cisco Unity Connection.

The Cluster and devices will also now be shown in the Nodes Navigator of the Windows Client. The Cluster is identified with the  icon and the Publisher/Subscriber with the  icon.

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