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License File

Licensing a New or Upgrade Installation

In most cases, a Prognosis license file will be sent on completion of the customer order. When received, it is recommended that the license file be stored in the same folder as the Prognosis installer prior to running the installer. The installer will automatically search for a license file in this folder. However, if a valid license is not found an alternative location can be specified.

Updated Licenses on an Existing Installation

Over time it may be necessary to upgrade the license file on an existing installation. This can occur when additional products have been purchased or when an existing product is renewed for an additional time period.

When this occurs, a new license file will be sent. When received, carry out the following procedure.

Copy the license file to the configuration directory of each applicable Prognosis Server. When copying, accept to overwrite the existing license file.

The default configuration directories are as follows:

MS Windows:


HPE NonStop:





After the files have been copied to the configuration directory, Restart the Prognosis service.

For HPE NonStop two license files are required, 'license' and 'licext'. These should both be saved as per the instructions above.
For HPE NonStop and UNIX/Linux installations, the license file must be uploaded to the server (using an FTP Client) in ASCII mode, not Binary mode.

Checking on License Status

The status and expiry date of all Prognosis licenses in the network can be viewed from the Prognosis Licenses Display. To access this Display from the Web Application, use the following procedure.

Open and log on to the Web Application - View Systems Tool.

Go to the first (Group) navigation panel and click on Servers.

This will open the Servers Display in the main panel.

On the Servers Display, click on the Prognosis Configuration link at the top of the screen.

This will open the Prognosis Status on Entire Network Display.

Click on the Licenses link at the top of the Display. This will open the Prognosis Licenses Display.

In the 'Expires' column the expiry date of each license will be shown. An orange background indicates that the license will expire within the next 30 days, a red background indicates that the license has already expired.

Multiple entries for a single server may be shown as different products may have different expiry dates in the license file.

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