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Feature Access using Security Roles

Feature Access is an optional setting in the Role Based Security for Web Application. It is used to set the access that various roles can have to the following Web Application features:

Reports Central

Access to generate data reports


Access to view the Alerts Central Displays

Excel Export

Access to publish data to MS Excel spreadsheets

Add to Mashup

Access to create customized 'mashup' data Displays


Access to search the system for data


Access to the IR Community Web Site


Access to the IR online help system

These features can normally be accessed by the user from the toolbar buttons on the 'View Systems' page. When creating a new Role, all features are enabled by default. However, if one or more features are not required for this Role, then they can be disabled by unchecking the adjacent checkbox on the configuration page.

Once a feature is disabled the applicable button will no longer be shown in the toolbar for any user in that role. If a user is part of a role that does not have access to a feature and attempts to access that feature using a direct URL, then an error page will be returned.

For further details on how to set up Web Access Control see the 'Feature Access' section of the Adding a Security Role.

Prognosis Upgrades

When upgrading from a version earlier than 10.4, each user will have access to all features by default. When upgrading from version 10.4 or later, all feature settings will be preserved.

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