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SAT Performance Profiles

System Access Terminal (SAT) Performance Profiles have been included with the product in order to control the frequency and number of scheduled SAT commands that are run between the Monitoring Server and the Avaya PBX. This facility helps to scale back the demand placed on the PBX by reducing the number of commands being run and thereby spreading the command load over an extended period. This is particularly useful in the case of earlier Avaya Communication Manager version 1 and 2 devices and DEFINITY hardware which may have limited resources to support the standard level of command polling.

SAT commands are divided into three types; 'Status' commands, 'Media Processor Board and Trunk Group Status' commands and 'Agent List' commands. These commands have four SAT profile levels that define the frequency that the commands are run. The following table shows the four levels and frequency of the commands.






1 minute

5 minutes

5 minutes

5 minutes

Media Processor Board and Trunk Group Status

1 minute

5 minutes

15 minutes

30 minutes

Agent List

7 minutes

25 minutes

25 minutes

25 minutes

The default SAT Profile settings are as follows:

Avaya Device


SAT Profile

Avaya PBX/Avaya Elite

Comm Manager 3+


Avaya LSP




ACM 1.x and 2.x



G3 running R9+


In addition to these Status commands, CONFIGURATION commands will be run once a day irrespective of the SAT profile setting.

Modifying the Profile Levels

The default settings are normally sufficient for the device types specified by the particular configuration file. It should not normally be necessary to change the defaults and any changes should only be done in consultation with IR Technical Support.

If required, changes can be made to the SAT Performance Profile configurations by using the Avaya SAT Performance Profile Display.

This Display can be accessed from the Avaya PBX Display, then clicking:

Configuration → SAT → SAT Performance Profiles

SAT Performance Profiles can be only be changed from the Avaya SAT Performance Profile Display using the same versions of the Prognosis Server. For example; the SAT Performance Profile of a 9.6.1 Monitoring Server cannot be changed from a 10.1 Management Server.

Changing the SAT profile will stop and restart the Collectors.
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