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Avaya IP Office PBX Display

The Avaya IP Office PBX Display provides detailed performance information for the selected PBX.

Accessing the Display

From the Web Application go to the second (Instance) navigation pane and click on the required Avaya IP Office PBX name, or from the Avaya IP Office Overview Display click on the required PBX name in the main table.

Display Data

Alarms (Last 24 Hours)

A list showing the number of alarms raised over the past 24 hours by severity level.

SNMP Availability

Overview of SNMP availability at the current time, for the last hour and for all of today.

Voice Streams

A table shows the number of voice streams across the monitored PBXs and a breakup of the Erlang MOS ratings into Good, Fair, Poor and Unacceptable. A chart underneath graphs the Erlang MOS ratings. Clicking on the drill-down in the 'Streams' column will open the Avaya Voice Streams Display for Avaya Aura Communication Manager which provides more detailed information about the Voice Streams.

Prognosis Raised Alerts

A list of all Alerts that have been raised on any of the monitored PBXs. The severity level will be shown, i.e. 'Critical', 'Error', 'Warning', together with the number of alerts for each severity category. Drilling-down on a severity level will open a further Display showing more detailed alert information.

Network Hops

The top section of this window provides a summary of Network Hop data, including Busiest Hop, Worst Hop, Average MOS Cost and Average Streams per Hop. The graph underneath shows a representation of the average MOS Cost. A link is provided, View Hops, which will open the Avaya Network Hops Display which provides more detailed information.

PBX Status

The PBX Status panel shows the number of devices by type category.

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