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Cisco Webex Prerequisites

In order to configure the system to collect and monitor the Cisco Webex application, a tenant and subscription are required to be setup in the IR Cloud platform. The steps to perform this setup vary depending on whether the monitoring is for an Enterprise customer or a Service Provider customer.

Timezone Settings

The Monitoring Server configured to monitor Cisco Webex must be in the same timezone as the Management Server hosting the Web Application.

If the timezones between the Monitoring Server and the Management Server differ, then Dashboards that utilize Database Collections for displayed data (historical data) may show incorrect values.

For Enterprise Customers

Place an order by contacting your IR Account Manager

You will be provided with a confirmation email that specifies

  • Your Tenant name
  • A specific URL for IR Cloud configuration

For Service Provider Customers

Contact your Service Provider and request access to the Cisco Webex application.

The Service Provider will need to assign the Prognosis Data Collector for Cisco Webex subscription to their customer, using the procedure defined in Customer Subscriptions.

Welcome Email

After contacting your IR account manager or Service Provider above, a Welcome Email will be sent to the nominated email address during registration. This email will contain the details needed to complete the IR Cloud configuration steps in Cloud Configuration for Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex Permissions for IR Cloud

The Provisioning Cisco Webex user must be the internal organizational administrator and not an Organizational Administrator from an external partner organization.

This means that if you are managing another company's Webex solution you will need to have the actual Organization's Administrator set up and authorize the data delivery to IR.

The IR Cloud will require access to the Cisco Webex system. The required permissions are detailed below. These are set up using the Cloud Configuration for Cisco Webex procedure.

  • resource groups read
  • read_all
  • Read participant information from meetings
  • Allows the application to read roles available in your organization
  • List all calls for rooms you are a part of
  • Allows the application to read your organizations
  • Retrieve all information from RoomOS-enabled devices
  • View details for your workspaces
  • View details for any places and place service in your organization
  • View details for your devices
  • resource group memberships read
  • List the people in rooms that you're in
  • call qualities read
  • Allow decryption and encryption
  • View details for any device in your organization
  • hybrid_connectors_read
  • Read meeting control information for in-progress meetings
  • hybrid_clusters_read
  • Allows the application to read licenses available in your organization
  • Allows the application to read your company directory

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