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Performance Profiles for Cisco Webex

The Cisco Webex solution retrieves data from the system using the following interval polling rates. There are two sets of polling performed.

Monitoring Server to IR Cloud

Polling CycleResources
On DemandMeeting quality data by minute
every minuteConfiguration information (Region for instance)
every 5 minutes

Meeting records (meetings, sessions, media and recordings)

Alert Metrics

every 30 minutes

Access Token


every 60 minutesHourly Report Metrics
every 12 hoursDaily Report Metrics

Once at startup, then every 24 hours,

Delta's are polled every 30 minutes.



IR Cloud to Cisco Webex

The following polling intervals use used to collect endpoint resources, the data is stored securely in the customer cloud storage allocation.

Polling CycleResources
every 5 Minutes

Meeting data (Meetings, Sessions, Media, Quality)

Device data

every Day

User data

Recording data

License data

Scheduled meetings

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