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Automated Operations for HPE NonStop

The Automated Operations product is used to monitor HPE NonStop environments in order to provide early warning alerts for potential system failures. It can automatically identify defined problem situations and then generate messages to processes, files, terminals and even designated personnel. The functionality also provides a capability for the automated execution of commands to take corrective action, which previously may have been handled manually.

Automated Operations protect the continuity of business processes by helping to prevent critical system failures. Response times to potential outages and system downtime can be significantly reduced as Automated Operations allows threshold limits to be set on a wide range of performance, capacity and availability conditions.

The features of Automated Operations include:

  • Automatic problem alerts.
    Automated Operations allows the management and setting of thresholds on any of the thousands of performance statistics, including many unique metrics that are not available in tools such as Measure and EMS. Pre-defined Displays ensure that Expand, the Guardian Kernel, Netbatch, RSC, SNA, TACL, TCP/IP and numerous other critical events can be easily monitored.

  • Email and pager message dispatch
    Alert messages generated by Automated Operations or EMS can be dispatched to external recipients who have email or a pager.

  • Built-in, multi-level escalation
    If alerts are not acknowledged within user-defined timeout periods, escalation can be invoked. Multiple layers of escalation, timeouts and individual personal profiles ensure that problems are managed and that the correct people are notified at the correct time.

  • Complementing Automated Analyst
    Automated Operations and Automated Analyst provide highly complementary automation capabilities. Automated Analyst is built to take on the complex automation challenges of HPE NonStop environments. Its iterative problem-solving capabilities provide the highest possible level of automation available.

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