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Web Application Reports for BASE24 and BASE24-eps

A range of pre-packaged reports for ACI Base24 and Base24-eps ATM and POS data are provided through the Web Application. Data is replayed from the various Transact Database Collections which need to be running on the Monitoring Server.

Reports can be accessed from the Web Application, click on the Reports button on the toolbar to open the Reports Central page. Under the BASE24 ATM, BASE24 POS, BASE24-eps ATM and BASE24-eps POS sections, the following reports will be shown. For further details of how to utilize these reports see Web Application Reporting.

The following reports are provided:


  • ATM Approval Rate
    ATM Approvals.
  • ATM Issuer Response Time Overview
    ATM Issuer Response Time Overview.
  • ATM Issuer Response Time Summary
    ATM Issuer Response Time Summary.
  • ATM Onus
    ATM Onus.
  • ATM Overall Response Time
    ATM Overall Response Time.
  • ATM Response Codes Summary
    ATM Response Codes Summary.
  • ATM Response Time Overview
    ATM Response Time Overview.
  • ATM Response Time Summary
    ATM Response Time Summary.
  • ATM Reversal Rate
    ATM Reversal Rate.
  • ATM Stand-ins
    ATM Stand-ins.
  • ATM Surcharge Amounts
    ATM Surcharge Amounts.
  • ATM Terminal Usage Summary
    ATM Terminal Usage Summary.
  • ATM Time-outs
    ATM Time-outs.
  • ATM Total Amounts
    ATM Total Amounts.
  • ATM Transaction Overview
    ATM Transaction Overview.
  • ATM Transaction Rate
    ATM Transaction Rate.
  • ATM Transaction Summary
    ATM Transaction Summary.
  • ATM Transaction Summary OtherCardsOurATMs
    ATM Transaction Summary OtherCardsOurATMs.
  • ATM Transaction Summary OurCardsOtherATMs
    ATM Transaction Summary OurCardsOtherATMs.
  • ATM Transaction Summary OurCardsOurATMs
    ATM Transaction Summary OurCardsOurATMs.
  • ATM Withdraw Amounts
    ATM Withdraw Amounts.
  • POS Approval Rate
    POS Approvals.
  • POS Issuer Response Time Overview
    POS Issuer Response Time Overview.
  • POS Issuer Response Time Summary
    POS Issuer Response Time Summary.
  • POS Onus
    POS Onus.
  • POS Overall Response Time
    POS Overall Response Time.
  • POS Response Codes Summary
    POS Response Codes Summary.
  • POS Response Time Overview
    POS Response Time Overview.
  • POS Response Time Summary
    POS Response Time Summary.
  • POS Reversal Rate
    POS Reversal Rate.
  • POS Stand-ins
    POS Stand-ins.
  • POS Surcharge Amounts
    POS Surcharge Amounts.
  • POS Time-outs
    POS Time-outs.
  • POS Total Amounts
    POS Total Amounts.
  • POS Transaction Overview
    POS Transaction Overview.
  • POS Transaction Rate
    POS Transaction Rate.
  • POS Transaction Summary
    POS Transaction Summary.
  • POS Transaction Summary OurCardsOurTerminals
    POS Transaction Summary OurCardsOurTerminals.

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