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XPNET Manager for BASE24

XPNET Manager is available only for the BASE24 and BASE24-eps environments on the HPE NonStop platform.

XPNET Manager is the foundation product for managing ATM and POS applications in the XPNET environment.

The XPNET environment is at the heart of the HPE NonStop based family of On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications and is a network application layer that provides a common platform to support multiple applications, including BASE24 and BASE24-eps.

XPNET Manager collects a comprehensive set of status, configuration, performance and event information from BASE24 and BASE24-eps XPNET application components, including resource nodes, lines, stations, application processes, queue processes and links.

The data collected by Transact provides network operators with a clear overview of the XPNET system through the real-time display of status and resource utilization, plus historical analysis of system performance. This allows for increased processing efficiency and optimizes throughput by monitoring, identifying and correcting problems or potential problems before they affect business.

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