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Important Information About Upgrades for MS Windows

Platforms/Middleware Compatibility

Please be aware that some platforms/middleware that were previously supported in earlier versions may no longer be supported in this latest release. For details of what is currently supported refer to Supported Platforms and Products for Transact and Infrastructure.

Upgrade Order

The upgrade should be completed top/down from the Windows Client, the highest-level Management Server to any lower-level Management and Monitoring Servers:

The upgrade cannot be completed on a server where there is more than one installation of Prognosis.

Perform a Backup

Since the upgrade process will uninstall the earlier version, it is strongly recommended that a backup of the previous version be made prior to attempting the upgrade. Should the upgrade process fail, the previous version can then be restored. For details see the Manual Backup and Rollback Procedures for MS Windows.

What Happens on Upgrade?

  • All documents (i.e. Displays, Thresholds etc.) in the 'My Displays & Configurations' folder of the Windows Client will be maintained.

  • All documents (i.e. Displays, Thresholds etc.) in the 'Knowledge' folder of the Windows Client will be deleted and replaced with new files.

  • irgui.ini will be restored.

  • Static Configurations will be maintained.

  • The following statistics will be reset;

    • Availability
    • Dispatch Manager Logs
    • Problem Logs
    • File Manager Logs
  • The log file (wvlog.txt) is backed up but will not be restored.

  • All .ini files will be merged on upgrade (old values are kept on upgrade).

  • Software Inventory history will be maintained on upgrade (file SWINVDB).

  • UDEFSREC will be merged with a new UDEFSREC (records are replaced with newer ones).

  • If the Tomcat Web Server was previously installed, then it will be completely removed.

Please note that:

  • The contents of the 'My Displays & Configurations' folder will not be upgraded.

  • Windows Client security is not maintained during upgrade.

  • Modifications to standard Displays, Thresholds, Analysts etc. are not kept.

  • All Configurations that were running at the time will be automatically started on upgrade.

  • File Manager Logs are NOT maintained.

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